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Yankees vs Astros preview 4/8/19


The Yankees look to build on their series sweep over the Orioles as they face off one of the top teams in baseball in the Houston Astros.

Player to watch

The player to watch has to be Gary Sanchez he has arguably been the best Yankee so far through the season and in addition to that he is leading baseball in home runs with 6. Sanchez has been notorious for going on hot streaks and this could be the beginning of one. Look for Sanchez to have a big game.

Pitching match up

The pitching match up is Masahiro Tanaka and Justin Verlander two pitcher who have the potential to produce a pitchers duel. Tanaka has had an ideal start to 2019 he has 1.46 ERA so far through 12 innings pitched and, Tanaka still hasn't allowed a walk this season. He is looking to keep it going against the Astros. Verlander has had a worse start to the season. Through 11 innings pitched Verlander has a 4.09 ERA and hasn't looked like his dominant self so far this season. The Yankees will look for Tanaka to keep his performance up.


Location: Minute Maid park

First pitch: 7:05 PM ET

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