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Yankees Red Sox Series Preview

By Max Grzymala

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The Yankees are coming off another series win against the formidable Padres. Hopefully the Yanks great play will continue as they face off against the Rival Red Sox for a 4 game set!

Game 1 Thursday May 30th

Pitcher Preview

It will be a matchup between two lefties in Chris Sale and J.A. Happ. Both pitchers have had underwhelming starts to the season as Sale has an ERA over 4 and Happ has an ERA over 5. This could has the makings for a slug fest but could turn into a pitchers duel if all goes well.

Keys to the game

Keep the ball in the park: Happ has had a problem with home runs this season and it’s really prevented him from pitching as well as he did last season.

Put the ball in play: Sale may not be having the best season to this point, but he is still striking out plenty of batters. If the Yanks can put the ball in play it will take away one of Sales biggest strengths.

Location: Yankee Stadium

First Pitch: 7:05 PM ET

Game 2 Friday May 31

Pitcher Preview

This pitching matchup will be a little one sided towards the Yanks! As Domingo German will look to bounce back from his last start against Eduardo Rodriguez. Rodriguez has had a tough season to this point as his ERA is over 5. German has had a stellar season to this point except for a tough outing in his last start.

Keys to the game:

Come back strong: German had a tough last start as he was hit around against the Royals. He has to pick himself up and know everyone has tough starts. If he does this he should have a great performance.

Just hit: Rodriguez has had trouble keeping men off base so the Yanks should take advantage of this. Just try and put the ball in play and let Rodriguez put himself in trouble.

Location: Yankee Stadium

First Pitch: 7:05 PM ET

Game 3 Saturday June 1

Pitcher Preview

Rick Porcello will go for the Sox and he has given the Yankees plenty of trouble in the past. The Yankees have not decided on a starter for this game.

Keys to the game

Put the ball in play: Porcello has dominated the Yankees in past games and for the Yankees too have a chance they need to get plenty of base runners and put pressure on Boston to make a mistake.

Location: Yankee Stadium

First Pitch: 7:15 PM ET

Game 4 Sunday June 2nd

Pitcher Preview

This has the potential to be the best pitching matchup of the series as David Price will go for the Sox and Masahiro Tanaka will go for the Yanks. Price has been one of the best pitchers for the Red Sox this season, he has an ERA under 3 and has kept the ball in the park. Tanaka has also been one of the best pitchers in the Yankee rotation and is looking to bounce back from a tough start against the Padres.

Keys to the game

Get back on track: Tanaka was dealing before he got shelled by the Padres. If he can get back to pitching like he was before Boston will be in trouble.

Work the count: Price has had one main weakness this season and that has been his control. If the Yanks can take advantage of this they should be in business!

Location: Yankee Stadium

First Pitch:7:00 PM ET

If the Yankees have a good series they could leave this series with their 9th straight series win and an even larger AL East lead!

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