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Yankees Potential trade for Trevor Bauer

By Max Grzymala

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees have been playing above their head this point in the 2019 season. Not because they don't have the potential to be in first place in the division. It is because half the team is on the disabled list including ace Luis Severino. Some pitchers on the Yankee staff have picked it up like Domingo German, but you can never have too much starting pitching especially with J.A. Happ struggling and CC on his last legs.

What the Yankees would give up

The Yankees would give up three prospects, Estevan Florial a left hand hitting out fielder, Josh Breaux a young catcher and Ryder Green a right hand hitting out fielder.

Estevan Florial

Florial is the number one ranked prospect in the Yankee system and 52 in all of baseball. He has the potential to be a star out fielder, scouts have said he has great power, speed and arm strength. But the Yankees don't need to hold onto Out field prospects anymore. The out field is set for a long time which makes many out field prospects more expendable than ever before.

Josh Breaux

Breaux is a young catcher with great arm strength and great raw power. He is ranked the number 15 prospect in the Yankee system and could be a solid MLB catcher. But he is blocked by Gary Sanchez so he wouldn't be missed in the Yankee system.

Ryder Green

Green is another young player with raw power however he has strikeout issues that need to be dealt with. He has the potential to be a very productive major leaguer, but since he is another out fielder he is blocked for the foreseeable future.

Why Trevor Bauer

Trevor Bauer has been a dominant pitcher throughout his major league career and is on the rise. He was a first time all star last year and has been an absolute work horse. This season his ERA has taken a step back, but he is holding opposing batter to a .192 batting average and has thrown just over 70 innings. Bauer would also fill a Yankee weakness in the starting rotation which always seems to haunt the Yanks in October. Bauer may not help the Yankees much during the season but when the post season comes around he could help push the Yanks over the top!

This would be a great deal for the Yanks because it gets rid of only expendable pieces and gets them a top line starter for a deep postseason run!

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