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Yankees Mets Series Preview

The Yankees are coming off 2 tough series losses and look to change their fortunes against the cross town rival Mets!

Game 1 Monday June 10th

Pitcher Preview

Masahiro Tanaka will take the hill for the Yanks as he faces off against Jason Vargas. Both pitchers have had great seasons this to point. Both have an ERA under 4 and put their respective teams in a position to win every night!

Keys to the game

Keep the ball in the park: One of Tankas only weaknesses has been the home run ball. If he can change that the Mets will have trouble scoring any runs!

Loosen up: The Yankee offense didn’t perform to the best of their ability last series against the Indians they need to calm down and just try and hit the ball hard. That’s when good things will happen!

Location: Yankee Stadium

First Pitch: 7:05 PM ET

Game 2 Tuesday June 11th

Pitcher Preview

It will be a more one sided match up for the Yankees as James Paxton goes up against Zach Wheeler. Wheeler has had a tough season up to this point, he has an ERA over 4 in over 80 innings pitched. Paxton has an ERA under 3.50 in 46 innings pitched.

Keys to the game

Keep it up: Paxton had a great performance in Toronto and if he keeps it up the Yankees will be I’m great position to win!

Work the count: Wheeler can go deep into the game so the Yanks should try and stop this. They need to get Wheeler out of the game and get into the bull pen.

Location: Yankee Stadium

First Pitch: 7:00 PM ET

The Yanks can establish themselves as the true team of New York if they have a strong showing today!

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