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Yankees fall to the Tigers 3-1 in disappointing showing

The Yankees fell to the Tigers in another brutal loss to start the season.

Tanaka was on tonight throwing a solid 6.2 innings on one run and 7K. However, his efforts were wasted by the Yankee bats who were quiet all night. The Yankees were only able to scratch together one run with a Clint Frazier sac fly. Chapman struggled to hold the fort in the 9th allowing 2 runs starting with a walk which he can not do with such a short margin for error as the closer. The Yankees couldn’t get runs today and it was really a poor performance as this team drops to 2-3. It’s still early in the season and the Yankees have chances, but they really shouldn’t drop to 2-4 on at home vs the Orioles and Tigers. Jonathan Loaisiga will have the ball tomorrow against the Tigers in the rubber match.

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