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Yankee potential trade

By Max grzymala

Marcus Stroman for Estevan Florial, Albert Abreu, and Chance Adams


Why Marcus Stroman

Dominate pitcher

Stroman has been absolutely dominant this season. He has already racked up 41 innings this season so he is a complete work horse. What is even more impressive about his stats this season is his tiny 2.20 ERA. He also has a history of dominance. Back in 2017 Stroman was even more impressive. That year he had 201 innings pitched while also winning a gold glove and finishing 8th in CY young voting.

Clutch Postseason performer

Stroman has shown that he can show up on the big stage. In the 2016 wild card game he threw a flawless 6 innings while only allowing one run putting the Blue Jays in the best possible position to win.

Can't have too much starting pitching

The Yankees have had lots of injury trouble this season, and that has greatly depleted an already shaky starting staff. It dosen't help that J.A. Happ has been getting shelled recently. The Yankees could use a top of the line starting pitcher to help settle the rotation problems and Stroman could be the man for the job.

The Blue Jays have said they are shopping Stroman

The Jays are trying to shop Stroman because they know their window to compete has closed and it is time to rebuild. The Blue Jays are going to want a good package and if the Yankees can meet there needs it could be a very possible deal.

Estevan Florial, Albert Abreu, and Chance Adams

They are expendable

AP Photos

Estevan Florial is the number 54 prospect in baseball but the Yankees don't need him, there is already a log jam in the outfield for the foreseeable future. With Frazier, Judge and Stanton I can't see Florial taking any of their spots so that makes him expendable. What‘s a better way to use him than getting a top of the line starting pitcher. For a deep run into October.

Albert Abreu and Chance Adams are both on the Yankee top 30 prospect list and could be productive major leaguers, but Marcus Stroman is proven. He also has the potential to get even better.

The Yankees are in win now mode and Stoman could be a player that carries the Yankees deep into the postseason. The Yankees have been missing impact pitchers in the postseason they need to get one this year. Why not Marcus Stroman?

Thoughts on this potential trade?

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