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Will Aaron Judge Win MVP?

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

Aaron Judge got the Yankees offense started with a monster two-run home run in the AL wild-card game. (AP)

Could Aaron Judge win an MVP this upcoming season? It is definitely a possibility in Judge's first two full seasons in the big leagues he has hit 281 with 79 home runs and 181 RBIs and that's with Judge missing over 40 games last season with a fractured wrist.

If Judge played a full season last year there is no reason to think he wouldn't have surpassed 4o home runs and 100 RBIs for the second season in a row.

For his 3rd season Judge could do even better. Judge has proven that he can make adjustments when he needs too. Remember Judge hit just 179 in his first taste of MLB action back in 2016. He then bounced back to have one of the best rookie seasons in MLB history.

Now with a full offseason without having to rehab from any injuries Judge is primed and ready to have a memorable season in 2019. If Judge stays healthy and dosen't go through any major slumps it is very possible for him to hit 290 with 50 plus home runs and 115 plus RBIs. So going into the 2019 season Aaron Judge will be a massive threat to win an MVP as long as he stays healthy!

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