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Why the Giants should trade for Josh Rosen

Bobby Burrack- the big lead

Last year, the Giants were in a prime spot to draft their Quarterback of the future to replace long time veteran Eli Manning standing at number 2 overall in the NFL draft. But instead, the Giants opted to go in a different direction passing on signal callers such as Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen. They went with electrifying running back Saquon Barkley in the hopes that GM Dave Gettleman could assemble a team that could win now. However, that idea was miserably wrong. The Giants finished the season 5-11 and now hold 2 first round picks. One of them being at #6 overall. The Giants have an glaring need at the QB position just like they did last season and there are many ways to address that: Including through the draft with the likes of Dwayne Haskins or Will Grier, or by trading for Cardinals QB Josh Rosen.

After the Cardinals fired first year head coach Steve Wilks and brought in formar Texas tech coach Kliff Kingsbury, videos were springing up all over the place and all over my Instagram feed, of a specific clip of Kingsbury, at the time he was coaching the red raiders, and was praising an Oklahoma Quarterback named Kyler Murray saying he should be selected number 1 overall in the NFL draft and praising the way he played. Ironically, Kingsbury is now the coach of the Cardinals and ironically, has the number 1 pick in the draft. And as these Murray to ARZ rumors heat up, our eyes turn to the Quarterback who Arizona traded up for last year: Josh Rosen. Rosen will have to be moved for Kingsbury to get his guy in Murray.

And I believe, the Giants should absolutely trade for Josh Rosen if made available. Which it seems like is what is happening.

According to bleacher report, the Giants interested in trading for 2nd year man Josh Rosen and have had talks about doing so. There have even been reports the Giants could have offered their second round pick for him. If the Giants are not “wowed” by any of the QBs in this draft class like Haskins or Jones, trading for Rosen for a 2nd and maybe something in 2020 would definitely be there best option. If the Giants have a high grade on Rosen, this would allow the Giants to have secured their QB of the future, and this would allow them to take the best player available at #6 and at #17. Which in all likelihood would be a pass rusher. The Giants desperately need impact guys on the defensive side of the ball after seeing “Snacks” Harrison, Oliver Vernon, Eli Apple, and Landon Collins go within the past year. And taking a stud defensive end at 6 would really go a long way in making their defensive line a force to be reckoned with. And at #17, the Giants could go really anywhere they want, potentially going with another defensive guy or perhaps taking a WR or right tackle. Which would be there only remaining weaknesses on offense. Trading for Rosen would give the Giants a lot of flexibility to potentially fix their roster and try and win now along with securing the QB of the future.

AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin

However, while you could argue Rosen played terribly in his rookie season, and you would not be wrong, the situation in New York would be way better. Instead of being thrown into the wolves from the start, he would be in a situation Pat Mahomes was in in Kanas City using what Dave Gettleman praised as the “Kansas City model” where Rosen could sit back and learn from Eli Manning and develop . He’d be groomed and then placed under an offense that would be much better then what Arizona put on to the field last season. An improved offensive line with the right tackle they were able to draft early, a star running back in Saquon Barkley, and weapons in the passing game as well with Golden Tate, Sterling Shepard, Evan Engram and potentially a younger early round WR. Rosen would be in a better situation making his production better along with more experience in the league.

If the Giants are able to trade for Rosen and only give up a second round pick and maybe a day 2 pick in 2020, the Giants could go after there many needs and finish this rebuild a lot quicker than people expected. QBs need time to develop in this league and it takes guys a lot of time sometimes to reach their full potential. Aaron Rodgers and Pat Mahomes both benefited from sitting behind veteran QBs, I believe if the Giants trade for Josh Rosen, he could be the franchise Quarterback. And with this, they could use their picks on fixing the defense and the offense line. And for a second round pick, that would absolutely be worth it.

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