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Why Aaron Judge should be the next player to get an extension

Bill Kostroun / Associated Press

If your a fan of the New York Yankees there is no reason in your right mind that you wouldn't want to sign Aaron Judge to an extension. Aaron Judge is a top five player in baseball and is a potential MVP candidate.

So far in Judges' career he has hit .273 with 83 home runs and 191 RBIs and that's with missing over 40 games last season, a season he could have hit over 40 home runs for his second year in a row.

Brad Penner | USA Today Sports

Why extend Judge now?

Now you know why it is a no brainier why the Yankees want too extend Judge. But why would the Yankees want to do it this off season? What would an extension for Judge look like?

The Yankees already extended an outfielder this off season, that being Aaron hicks who signed a 7 year 70 million dollar extension with the Yankees. So the Yankees clearly are starting to make an effort to try and keep this core group together. So why not start with the best player on the team?

What would an extension look like

There are two extensions that could be a baseline for the Yankees to look at. The first extension is the Buster Posey extension. The Posey extension was for 9 years and 167 million. Posey had just come off his MVP campaign when he signed this and was also the same age as Judge is right now, this could be a realistic contract. However I believe the salary per year is too low and the extension is too long since Judge would most likely want to test free agency unless he is completely blown away by the Yankees offer.

Another extension that is closer to what Judge may receive is the first Mike Trout extension which was 6 years for 144.5 million. This is a realistic extension for Judge to sign because its only 6 years so he would still have a chance to test free agency in his prime. He would also make about 24 million per year which is about 6 million dollars more per year than the Posey extension.

So finally what would the Judge extension look like? After considering other extensions for player of a similar caliber as Judge I believe he could get an extension for 5 years and 125 million. This would be 1 year less than the trout extension and 1 million dollars more per year than the Trout extension. This would be a great deal for the Yankees because it would lock up the face of the franchise for a reasonable deal.

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