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Who The Knicks Should Draft

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

There are Multiple scenarios that will go into who the Knicks should select in the 2019 NBA draft but the first one we will go over is the best scenario.

The best scenario is the Knicks win the draft lottery and get the first overall pick. This is very possible since the Knicks are tied with the Suns and Cavs for the best odds to get the first overall pick(all three have a 14% chance).

Now lets say the Knicks have the first pick who do they take? I believe this is an easy decision and that is the popular decision Zion Williamson of Duke. This is a no brainier if the Knicks have the first pick they need to take Zion no one else is even an option. Williamson has the chance to be a generational talent and you can't miss out on a player like that. When a player realistically could be the next Lebron James you can't miss out on that, you will regret that for years to come.

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Now another scenario that isn't as straight forward as the previous one is if the Knicks get a top 4 pick, which they have a 52.1% chance of doing so. In this scenario we'll say the Knicks get a top three pick and Zion is taken number one. I would say there are two potential picks for the Knicks either R.J. Barret from Duke or Jay Morant from Murray State.

First the case for R.J. Barret he is an extremely polished player more polished some may say than Zion Willamson. I still believe that Williamson is a hands down a better pick than Barret but he would be a great pick at the second or third spot in the draft. He has a great shot and could become a super star in the NBA he has all the tools to succeed and would be a great back up plan for the Knicks.

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Now the case for Ja Morant from Murray State. Ja Morant is a crazy explosive guard who is tearing up college basketball. He pushes the ball up the court extremely well and attacks the rim opening up opportunities for the rest of his team. He could be a great leader of the Knicks offense in the future and really help push the pace on offense.

Trying to Figure Out Ja Morant

Now out of Rj Barret and Ja Morant I would take Rj Barret for a few simple reasons. First of all Barret was once ranked ahead of Zion coming into college. So I would say he has more potential than Ja Morant and just for that reason I would take RJ Barret over Ja Morant if the Knicks don't get the first overal pick.

But if the Knicks do get the first overal pick they need to draft Zion williamson without a doubt.

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