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Reasons for and against a potential trade for Max Scherzer

By Brandon Beame

Reasons for and against trading for Max Scherzer

One of the Yankees major flaws over the past few years has been there starting pitching. The philosophy has been to get the starter through 5 innings without blowing up, and then get bring in the super bullpen to shut them down. There has been debate over the years weather the Yankees have a true ace in Luis Severino. Each team that has won the World Series over the past few years has had a dominant ace. The Astros had Verlander and the Red Sox had Sale. These pitchers can start these big games with 100% confidence they will get the job done. Max Scherzer is one of those guys. And if the Yankees get him and pair him with a healthy Severino, James Paxton, Domingo German and Masahiro Tanaka, along with there lineup and bullpen... WATCH OUT. However, stealing away arguably the best pitcher in baseball does not come without a price. And the struggling Nationals will want a lot in return to part ways with there ace.

I’ll be analyzing a good and bad reasons of a potential Yankees trade for Max Scherzer at the deadline.

Pro: Going all in for a ring

Did the Cubs regret trading Gleyber Torres to the Yankees for a ring? Did the Redsox regret trading top prospect Yoan Moncada to get Chris Sale? Who was a big piece in there world series run? The answer is no, they didn't. Winning a world series is the most important thing, so is packaging an injured Miguel Andujar, an extra outfielder when everyone gets healthy, and some pitching prospects who aren't ready to contribute on a big legue level for a top pitcher in the game? The answer is probably.

While the Yankees would have to give up significant talent to get a guy of the likes of Max Scherzer, Max could be exactly what the Yankees need as a final peice to get past the barriers that are the Boston Red Sox and Houston Astros, and compete for a world series. The guys the Yankees give up would not help contribute nearly as much as Max Scherzer would. So going all in for one of the best pitchers in the game may just get them over the hump. Scherzer paired with Luis Severino, James Paxton, Domingo German and Masahiro Tanaka could be a deadly playoff rotation and a rotation that can give the bullpen some rest and turn a weakness, into a major strengh. And hey, even if it doesn't work out this season, Max still has a few years left on his salary.

Con- Giving up way too much

Miguel Andujar: 2018 stats- AVG: .297 HR: 27 RBI: 92

Miguel Andujar broke on to the scene with a moster 2018 season that almost netted him

AL Rookie of the year honors. Andujar was a force in the Yankee lineup and hit an absurd amount of doubles. Giving up on Andujar would be tough. Despite his feilding woes, he makes up for it with his bat. And he proved to be one of the most valuable hitters in a potent Yankee offense in 2018. Andujar, however, is out for the remainder of the 2019 season with a torn labrum. But this can't let Yankee fans forget how much they loved him just a year ago. Andujar has drawn Adrian Beltre comparisons and it could be something they really regret to give him up for a 34 year old starting pitcher.

Clint Frazier: 2019 stats- AVG: .256 HR: 8 RBI 23

Frazier was a top prospect in the Yankee system ever since they brought him over in the Andrew Miller trade. Frazier finally got his chance in 2019 after many injuries and he has been a great player for the depleated Yankees. When they got him, Brian Cashman praised his lightning quick bat speed. Frazier has hit 8 home runs and knocked in 23 RBIs in 117 at bats this season. He is a great player and is being groomed to replace veteran Brett Gardner in left field when he retires. He will have a role on this team for a long time and is alreaty showing flashes of stardom.

While Loaisgia and Avecedo are solid prospects, the two players in this deal that would really sting the Yankees would be Frazier and Andujar, but you gotta give some to get some right? The Yankees have a chance to really improve there title contention chances by going after on the best. Scherzer went 18-7 last season with a 2.53 ERA last season and could be the anchor this staff needs to make a run. It will be interesting to see if Cashman could pull the trigger on a deal like this.

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