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How the Judge injury affects the Yankees

By Max Grzymala

USA Today

Last year Judge was injured against the Royals and the Yankees were instantly worse without him. Judge is the best player in a powerful Yankee lineup and changes the whole dynamic of the team.

You're losing Aaron Judge

This may be obvious but it's true your losing one of the best player in baseball. In Judge's first two season in the big leagues he was Rookie of the Year, won a silver slugger, was second in MVP voting and has been selected to the All-Star game twice. That isn't someone you can replace. In 2019 Judge has again been one of the best Yankees during a time when half team has gone down with various injuries. Through 73 at bats Judge has hit 5 home runs, drove in 11 runs all while sporting a .288 average.

Judge changes the whole lineup dynamic

With Judge in the lineup pitchers game plans completely change. Judge is a player pitchers have to spend tons of energy on just trying to avoid making a mistake to him. Judge works the count and cause opposing pitchers to forget about the dangerous players following him are. He takes his walks which always seem to get rallies started, but when a pitcher makes a mistake he can capitalize and send a ball into orbit. However you look at it Judge changes the entire Yankee lineup. Just look at last year when Judge was injured, before his injury the Yankees were 65 and 36 without him they were just 26 and 22. Judge makes the Yankees who they are and he can't just be replaced.

Photo by Rob Tringali /Sports Illustrated/Getty Images

Judge is a great Defender

Judge is one of the best defensive outfielders in the majors and on the Yankees he has only made one error this season and has made many amazing defensive plays.

We have seen Judge layout to make spectacular diving catches. One play that has become common for Judge like Derek Jeters signature jump throw is Judges calm leap to rob a home run in front of the short porch in right field of Yankee Stadium. The effortless leap Judge takes is nothing short of remarkable. His arm strength is spectacular as well we have seen him gun many runners out when they try and stretch a single into a double. What is especially impressive is the ease Judge puts into his throws even though are almost always lasers right to the intended target.

Aaron Judge is one of the faces of baseball and the face of the Yankees. He impacts the game in more ways than just his monstrous home runs (those are great though) Judge makes the Yankees the Yankees. Get well soon Judge New York needs our Judge #allrise

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