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How the Bryce Harper Signing affects the Yankees

Washington Nationals Bryce Harper (34) reacts to his winning hit during the Major League Baseball Home Run Derby, in Washington on July 16, 2018.Alex Brandon / AP

Philadelphia,PA- Bryce Harper signing with the Philadelphia Phillies for 13 years and 330 million dollars doesn't affect the Yankees as much as one may think.

The Yankees were effectively out of the Bryce Harper sweepstakes weeks before he signed with the Phillies. The Yankees didn't want to go anywhere near as high a contract as the Phillies were willing to. In addition to that the Yankees don't even have a spot to play Harper. With all 3 outfield spots filled with Judge, Hicks and either Gardner or Frazier.

It may sound crazy but not signing Harper may actually be better for the Yankees in the long term. Harper has a long injury history and by the end of his 13 year contract may be a shell of the player he is now. Harper may not even be worth 330 million dollars right now.

This past season Harper only hit 249 with 100 RBIs and 34 HR does that really sound like numbers worth 330 million dollars? Harper does have the potential to live up to this deal but the risk definitely out weighs the reward.

So the Yankees may have dodged a potentially bad contract in Harper and also help themselves out in the long term.

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