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5 Reasons why Knicks fans shouldn't freak out over the 3rd pick

By Max Grzymala

USA Today

The Knicks received the 3rd overall pick in the NBA draft lottery last night and many Knicks fans were upset and there is good reason to be upset. But the Knicks are still in very good position with the 3rd overall pick.

It could have been worse

In past years this result could have been worse, but now with the new Lottery system the Knicks only had 14 percent chance at the first overall selection. In addition the Knicks only had a 47.2 percent chance of getting a top 5 pick, so there was a greater chance of falling out of the top 5 then picking in it. The Pelicans only had a 6 percent chance at the top selection, so they got lucky. The Knicks most definitely didn't have as bad luck as it may seem.

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Strong Free agent class

It may be possible that missing out on Zion could actually help the Knicks get more free agents, from this loaded free agent class. Kevin Durant has been a possible target for the Knicks in upcoming free agency and potentially missing out on Zion could increase the likely hood he signs with the Knicks mainly to help cement his legacy as an NBA great. The Knicks also have room for more than one max deal. So a move for Kyrie Irving could also be possible.

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Lots of talent will be available

Just because the Knicks won't get Zion they can still get a top level player. JA Morant will most likely be taken by the Grizzlies but there is still RJ Barrett. Barret was considered the best player in the draft until Zion took off, Barrett is another player that could be an NBA great and make an instant impact at the NBA level.

Zion may not be happy in New Orleans

Before the NBA Lottery there were many rumors that Zion would prefer to go to the Knicks. We also saw how dissapointed Zion looked when the Pelicans won the draft lottery. It may be a huge long shot but Zion could pull an Eli Manning and just say he doesn't want to play for the Pelicans and demand the Pelicans don't pick him, or demand a trade to the Knicks.

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Anthony Davis may still want out of New Orleans

The Pelicans getting the first overall pick is a huge deal but it doesn't guarantee Anthony Davis will want to stay in New Orleans. If AD doesn't change his mind it open the door for the Knicks to swing a deal centered around the 3rd overall pick for AD.

The Knicks may have missed out on the first pick but there are still plenty of directions they can go!

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